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Serving dogs in Metro West and surrounding areas

    Specializing in:
  • Sports massage for enhanced performance and injury prevention in canine athletes, show dogs and service dogs.
  • Muscle mobilization, trigger point work, and myofascial reconditioning for active dogs, pain relief, and conditions associated with arthritis and aging.
  • Swedish massage, Reiki, and shiatsu for fearful dogs, general relaxation, and overall health and healing.

Part of all proceeds go to Save-A-Dog at www.saveadog.org

"Maple loves her massage with Lisa, and it’s nice to see her without worry or fear. She played after the massage. She is usually pretty sedentary for a dog her age. But, Lisa’s interactions and treatment really perk her up, which is great."

- Wendy Bedenbaugh

Benefits of Massage

Massage is a safe and effective treatment to help your dog achieve optimal health and healing. Massage is not only great for relieving sore muscles and pain, but it also has positive affects on all systems of the body. Canine massage works to improve skin and coat, boost the immune system, increase the amount of oxygen and nutrients throughout the body and eliminate toxins and metabolic waste. Massage can increase the relaxation response in dogs that have undergone stress, have situational fears or have suffered from trauma or abuse. For canine athletes and show dogs, pre-event sports massage helps stimulate muscles for improved performance and endurance, giving your dog a competitive edge. Post-event massage improves recovery time by working out inflammation that can lead to sore muscles, stiffness and fatigue. Massage is a great benefit to older dogs to help reduce the chronic pain of conditions such as arthritis, joint degeneration, or hip dysplasia.

If you think massage might benefit your dog, contact Canine Massage Works for a free evaluation.


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