What to expect

Free Evaluation

I will come to your home to help you determine if massage is right for your dog. This evaluation will include an initial intake of your dog’s medical history, activity level and response to touch. I will also provide gait analysis and palpation to determine your dog’s reactions and any areas of muscle restriction or tension that could be resolved with massage. Then, I will make treatment recommendations based on your dog’s needs. It should be noted that massage is not a substitute for veterinary care. If your dog has serious medical issues, veterinary approval to proceed with massage is recommended.


Massage Sessions

A full session

A massage session is a therapeutic, 50-minute hour.  The full session can include private instruction on how to massage your dog, especially on problem areas or for general relaxation.


A half session

This can be useful for shy or fearful dogs or dogs that are easily distracted. A half session will deliver as complete a massage as the dog will allow, and can be expanded over time as your dog builds trust and acclimates to massage.  Massage instruction can be included in a half session as well.