“ Lucy had a bad shoulder and the massage made a big difference.”
Eve Asbury


“ Clara is usually very anxious but she completely relaxed during her massage and even went to sleep at one point. Her movement seemed easier after massage, and she had less trouble walking up the stairs. Her pain lessened and her anxiety reduced. She even let Lisa touch her feet.” Wendy Bedenbaugh


“ Kugel is very receptive to Lisa’s touch and gave her kisses… on the lips.” Susan Roberts


“ Macy started receiving massage for tightness in her back due to an injury. In addition to massage, she goes for chiropractic adjustments. As a result of massage her visits to the chiropractor are less frequent. She is a very active dog, and massage really helps her stay fit.” Anne Parker


St. Loup, in memoriam

“Lisa has significantly helped 2 of our dogs. Both are Keeshonds we rescued. Dafne had been kicked by her owner before she was surrendered to the MSPCA. She is weak in her hind legs and does not like them to be touched. She developed great trust for Lisa though, and has become stronger and more active with Lisa’s treatment. She runs (fast) and plays in the yard spontaneously now, which she did not do in the past. St. Loup was our older Keeshond, who was very ill with kidney disease when Lisa began to treat him. The treatment was a real godsend for Loup because he was no longer able to tolerate his arthritis medicine. The story of St. Loup’s first treatment is humorous and so interesting. Lisa was giving Dafne a massage. Loup watched, and then pushed her out of the way so he could have a massage. We are so grateful that we had Lisa to help Loup stay as comfortable and active as possible through his final month.”  Kathleen Seiders